We will create floor plans, elevation plans and offer you our expertise on all the the latest trends.


We are a dedicated team with over 40 years combined experience in home renovations and constructions.

All Home Services

We provide all types of home renovations: Indoor rooms, fixture updates, accessible design, outdoor kitchens, additions, or new builds.

Project Management

From design stages to construction, we make sure the process runs smoothly from start to finish.

In-Home Visits

We come to you for a FREE in-home consultation. Yes, you heard that right…Free!


You can visit our showroom to see a variety of samples of different fixtures and materials, such as: tiles, cabinets, faucets & countertops.


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Do You Have Any Questions?

Here are a few answers to get you started. Don’t see what you are looking for? Get in touch here.

What is Villeneuve Interiors' part in my renovation?

Our combined design and renovation services make it easy for homeowners; we provide a comprehensive one-stop-shop for your entire project’s needs. We supervise on site from day one and ensure that the project is properly organized and runs smoothly and efficiently while providing an experience that is effortless and seamless for you.

Is the final price reflected in the contract? Are there going to be extra costs?

The final price reflects all the work as well as all material described in the final contract. However, with any renovation, the process may uncover unforeseen problems that may need to be addressed during that time. Some examples can include the following; asbestos, mould, electrical or plumbing issues, structural elements that are no longer to code. That is why it is important to have a contingency budget for every project in order to cover any unforeseen costs, if any. Our team will ensure that you are well aware of any issues such as the ones mentioned above that may arise throughout the project.

I have a modest budget for my project, are you able to work with me?

No matter how big or small the project may be, or what the budget is, we can work together in establishing a plan and proposal that will fit into your budget. Renovations can sometimes seem overwhelming; however, we can assist you in suggesting fittings and appropriate finishes that will work with in your budget.

How long will my project take?

Once the design is complete and the final decisions have been made, we will be able to provide you with an estimated date of completion. The duration of the project will depend upon the complexity of the project, size and level of detail. Minor delays can unfortunately happen, however, our team will make every possible effort to respect the schedule.


We know that even the smallest renovations can seem intimidating. Our team and project manager are there to ensure that your project is properly organized, runs smoothly, and efficiently, while providing an experience that is seamless and effortless for you. Not sure what to expect? Here is our process outlined so you can understand and feel comfortable every step of the way. View PDF

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